LRN Level 7 Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ELTAD)

Elevate Your English Language Teaching Skills with the English Language Teaching and Assessment Diploma (ELTAD) The English Language Teaching and Assessment Diploma (ELTAD) is expertly crafted for individuals eager to enhance their expertise in teaching the English language to adult learners. The ELTAD program offers a dynamic learning experience that empowers educators to excel in their careers and make a lasting impact on their students.      


RQF level



Written assignments & Viva Voce

Qualification Accreditation Number


Total Qualification Time

Total: 620 hours
a. Guided learning hours (GLH): 150 hours
b. Self-study (SS): 450 hours
c. Formative Assessment (including internal assessment of portfolio): 9 hours across 3 units (9 hours maximum)
d. Summative Assessment (including external assessment of portfolio): 11 hours across 3 units (11 hours maximum)

Teaching-based Qualifications

Embark on a rewarding journey to become an exceptional English language teacher with the LRN Level 7 Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ELTAD). This comprehensive program is tailored for candidates seeking to enhance their teaching expertise and specialize in adult English language education.


Transform Your Teaching Skills with Our Intensive Program


The English Language Teaching and Assessment Diploma is designed to elevate your teaching abilities with a robust curriculum that covers:

       Students and teachers, and the teaching and learning context;

       Language analysis and awareness;

       Language skills, including reading, listening, speaking, and writing;

       Planning and resources for different teaching contexts;

       Developing teaching skills in ELT.


Our program provides an overview of the LRN Level 7 Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ELTAD), outlining essential features and administrative procedures. Delivered through accredited centers, blended learning, or distance learning, we ensure a seamless educational experience that caters to your needs.



Although formally registered as the LRN Level 7 Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, the widely recognized brand name for this esteemed qualification is the English Language Teaching and Assessment Diploma (ELTAD). LRN remains committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information about the title of this qualification to centers, candidates, and all stakeholders involved. Rest assured, the ELTAD represents the same high-quality educational experience and rigorous standards associated with the LRN Level 7 Diploma


The English Language Teaching and Assessment Diploma (ELTAD) is specifically tailored for individuals with limited experience in teaching the English language to adult learners. This intensive program empowers candidates to attain a prestigious teaching qualification, particularly emphasizing specialization in instructing English for speakers of other languages or adult education. With ELTAD, aspiring educators can confidently embark on a rewarding career in English language instruction.

Candidate Category

The ELTAD is perfect for individuals who:

1.    Seek personal development or skills extension within an English language teaching career;

2.    Possess extensive experience in teaching English to adults;

3.    Aim to consolidate their understanding and/or obtain a recognized qualification in teaching English.

Entry Requirements and Knowledge, Skills, and Understanding

Candidates must meet the following criteria:

       Aged 21 or over;

       At least two years of varied English language teaching experience (full-time or equivalent);

       An initial English language teaching qualification (ELTAC, CELTA, Cert. TESOL, or equivalent);

       An undergraduate degree or equivalent;

       Excellent command of the English language (native-level or 8.0 in IELCA/IELTS or equivalent);

       Good digital and academic literacies;

       Access to appropriate EFL/ESOL/EAP classes for teaching practice and needs analysis;

       Ability to cope with a Level 7 (Master’s) qualification and dedicate significant time outside of taught sessions;

       Successful completion of the application process, including pre-interview and at-interview tasks.

Mode of Delivery

The ELTAD qualification is designed to accommodate various learning environments, including in-person centers, blended learning, and distance learning. For the Summer of 2023, the course will be 100% online. Please note that the certificate you will get from our regulator in the UK will be face-to-face, and there will be NO mention of the word “online”.  To ensure the highest quality of education, centers must demonstrate to LRN their capability to deliver the program through their chosen method, in accordance with LRN’s criteria. This includes having the necessary resources, facilities, and competent, suitably qualified staff.

Centers may opt to provide both in-person and distance learning experiences if they meet the required standards. Regardless of the chosen delivery method, centers must guarantee that practical teaching components are properly observed and assessed, maintaining the integrity and excellence of the ELTAD program.


The ELTAD program opens up a world of possibilities, including:

       Master’s degree-level programs in teaching/education-related disciplines;

       Other AO qualifications at Level 7 or above in teaching/education or other disciplines (subject to individual AO requirements).

Recognition of Prior Learning

Please consult LRN’s policy on Recognition of Prior Learning to determine if previously achieved qualifications meet LRN’s policy on possible exemptions.

Language of Assessment

Assessments will be conducted in English to ensure fair and accurate evaluation of all candidates.

Grading & Results

Results are reported as fail, pass, merit, or distinction grades. Candidates must achieve a pass in each of the three units to obtain the qualification. A pass must also be achieved in the portfolio and teaching performance, assessed internally but subject to external validation. LRN will issue results within six weeks.

Sample Assignments

LRN provides a selection of sample assignments across the qualification, available through the center portal.