Arabic as a First Language (2150)


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This specification offers an overview of the LRN International GCSE Arabic as a First Language. This document caters to a wide range of users, such as candidates, centers, administrators, employers, parents/guardians, teachers (along with associated staff), and examiners. The specification delineates the essential features and administrative processes necessary for this international qualification.


Subject Content

Writing Reading


Assessment Objectives (AOs):
Weighting: Paper 1: 50%
Weighting: Paper 2: 50%

Exam Duration

Two (02) hours

Guided Learning Hours

The guided learning hours (GLH) for this qualification are 130. Please note the hours stated are indicative.

Entry Codes

One entry per qualification is sufficient and will cover all the question papers including certification.




The LRN International GCSE Arabic as a First Language is primarily tailored for students whose native language is Arabic. This subject allows international candidates to showcase their capacity for clear and precise communication. Furthermore, it guides them in cultivating a personal style and awareness of the themes presented in their writing, while also fostering overall analytical and communication skills.


This qualification is designed to be administered within centers. Centers must prove to LRN, through the center recognition processes, that they possess the resources, facilities, and expertise to deliver via either method. Nonetheless, centers must demonstrate, in accordance with LRN’s criteria, that they have the means, capability, capacity, and resources (including appropriately qualified center staff) for delivery.


The LRN International GCSE Arabic is designed to accommodate the diverse backgrounds, educational levels, and career goals of candidates. As a result, progression opportunities may follow various paths. Depending on the level of qualification attained, candidates may progress to:

1.    A comparable Level 2 qualification in Arabic;

2.    A higher level of any qualification – e.g., A-Level, Diploma;

3.    National or Vocationally Related Qualifications.


Candidates must take the two components. 

Paper 1: Writing 

Candidates will write two composition question tasks. 

50 marks (each task 25 marks). 

Duration: 2 hours 

Paper 2: Reading 

Candidates will read, analyse and answer questions on two Arabic passages. 

50 marks 

Duration: 2 hours 



AO1 – Writing 

● Be able to write effectively for diverse purposes and audiences, as well as for impact.


● Be able to articulate their experiences, feelings, and thoughts.


● Be able to use language creatively, imaginatively, and persuasively.


● Be able to employ a variety of vocabulary and sentence structures for clarity, purpose, and effect, with accurate spelling and punctuation.


● Be able to present facts and opinions.


AO2 – Reading 

● Be able to comprehend and categorize specific ideas.


●  Be able to read various texts to discern explicit information.


 Be able to read an assortment of texts in order to analyze ideas and information.


● Be able to read diverse texts with the ability to analyze and evaluate the thoughts and views of the writers.




Whereas candidates can re-take the whole qualification as often as they wish, individual components cannot be re-taken as it is a traditional linear specification. 

Please remember, one entry per qualification is sufficient and will cover all the question papers including certification. 


Centres are advised that private candidates are only to be enrolled with prior agreement and confirmation from LRN. 



Exam series are in: 

January (results released in March) 

June (results released in August) 

November (results released in January) 

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