LRN Level 4 Diploma in European Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship

The LRN Level 4 Diploma in European Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship is designed to provide learners with rigorous, detailed knowledge and specialist skills required to deploy and manage emerging digital media marketing technologies and methods, as well as to equip them with entrepreneurship skills that will prepare them for self-employment and/or working within digital start-up enterprises.

Face-to-face or online



RQF level



Written exam & Assignments

Total Qualification Time

840 hours
Guided learning hours: 600 hours
Self-study: 200 hours
Formative assessment: 20 hours
Summative assessment: 20 hours

Qualification Accreditation Number



This document offers an overview of the LRN Level 3 Diploma in Digitial Enterpreneurship for candidates, centers, administrators, employers, teachers, and examiners. It highlights key features and administrative procedures associated with this qualification.



Candidate Category

Ideal candidates for the LRN Level 3 Diploma in Digitial Enterpreneurship include individuals who:

       Are new to the work environment;

       Possess limited work experience and wish to expand their knowledge;

       Lack a formal qualification in business and seek to obtain one.


The LRN Level 3 Diploma in Digital Entrepreneurship aims to help candidates develop their understanding and knowledge of digital entrepreneurship.

Mode of Delivery

This qualification can be delivered at centers or through distance learning. Centers must demonstrate to LRN, via the center recognition process, that they possess the necessary resources, facilities, and expertise to deliver the program through either method. Centers may apply to offer both options if desired. However, they must meet LRN’s criteria, proving they have the means, capability, capacity, and resources (including suitably qualified staff) to deliver the chosen method.


The LRN Level 3 Diploma in Digital Entrepreneurship accommodates candidates’ diverse backgrounds, education levels, and career goals. Thus, progression opportunities may take various paths. Depending on the level of qualification achieved, candidates may advance to:


       A Level 4 qualification in digital entrepreneurship;

       A higher-level qualification, such as a degree;

       Vocational qualifications

Recognition of Prior Learning

Please refer to LRN’s Recognition of Prior Learning policy to determine whether previously achieved qualifications meet LRN’s criteria for possible exemptions.


The assessment consists of a written exam, externally set and marked by LRN. Exams will be marked according to the completion of learning outcomes and assessment criteria outlined in the exams. To ensure a rigorous quality assurance model is applied, each marked exam will be moderated.

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This specification offers an overview of the LRN International GCSE Arabic as a First Language. This document caters to a wide range of users, such as candidates, centers, administrators, employers, parents/guardians, teachers (along with associated staff), and examiners. The specification delineates the essential features and administrative processes necessary for this international qualification.


Subject Content



Assessment Objectives (AOs):
Weighting: Paper 1: 50%
Weighting: Paper 2: 50%

Exam Duration

Two (02) hours

Guided Learning Hours

The guided learning hours (GLH) for this qualification are 130. Please note the hours stated are indicative.

Entry Codes

One entry per qualification is sufficient and will cover all the question papers including certification.