1. Sample Speaking Videos

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What does an IELCA score of 25 indicate about a candidate’s speaking ability?

       An IELCA score of 25 reflects the following performance aspects:

       The candidate actively responds to questions about personal life and engages in a given topic with relative fluency.

       They demonstrate appropriate use of pronunciation features, stress, and intonation, with mostly clear articulation despite a few minor slips.

       The candidate’s speech remains intelligible and comprehensible, causing minimal strain on the listener.

       The candidate’s interaction is generally well-paced, exuding confidence, with only minor hesitation or lack of spontaneity in certain parts.

       Their oral output exhibits fluency through the use of connectors and cohesive devices, though occasional language accuracy and appropriacy errors are present.

       They possess a range of grammatical structures, with sporadic mistakes such as incorrect subject-verb agreement and article omission.

       Adequate and suitable vocabulary enables the test taker to provide meaningful contributions relevant to the prompt.

       The candidate demonstrates understanding of all prompts and, if necessary, employs clarification strategies.

       Most of their responses are appropriate to the prompt.

1. Sample Speaking Videos

What speaking ability does a score of IELCA 35 represent?

This performance was given a Score 35 because:

o   Imran shows enthusiasm and energy, making the test session lively and exciting.

o   He responds passionately to questions about his personal life and surroundings, providing a vivid account of a given topic.

o   Imran uses an appropriate range of pronunciation features, demonstrating his ability to use stress and intonation effectively throughout.

o   He speaks fluently and engages with the topic effortlessly.

o   His interaction is fast-paced but well-paced throughout the test, and he appears confident and spontaneous.

o   Imran’s range of vocabulary is sufficient to contribute to a variety of questions, demonstrating his use of collocation, cohesive devices, and related skills, but he occasionally makes slip-ups in word choice.

o   His oral output is fast and fluent, but not without occasional errors in language accuracy and grammatical structures, which restricts his score on this criterion. However, meaning is always clear.

o   The test taker fully understands all prompts, and his responses are adequate and appropriate throughout.