LRN Level 7 Certificate in Education

The LRN Level 7 Certificate in Education is designed to enable candidates – with sufficient teaching/lecturing experience – the opportunity to demonstrate their ability across a broad range of advanced pedagogical approaches to learning.

Face-to-face or online, with teaching practice



RQF level



Written assignments & Portfolio

Qualification Accreditation Number


Total Qualification Time

Total: 600 hours
a. Philosophy of education and theories of learning and teaching: 200 hours
b. Delivering effective teaching and learning and understanding educational assessment: 200 hours
c. Contemporary teaching in higher and professional education: 200 hours


Introducing the LRN Level 7 Certificate in Education:

Empowering Educators to Excel Unlock your full potential as an educator with the prestigious LRN Level 7 Certificate in Education, designed for experienced teachers and lecturers seeking to demonstrate their expertise in a wide array of advanced pedagogical techniques and learning approaches.



This comprehensive guide to the LRN Level 7 Certificate in Education provides essential information for various stakeholders, including candidates, training centers, administrators, employers, parents/guardians, educators, and examiners. It highlights the key features and administrative procedures necessary for obtaining this esteemed qualification.


The LRN Level 7 Certificate in Education empowers candidates with a strong background in teaching or lecturing to showcase their skills and expertise across an extensive range of advanced pedagogical methods and learning strategies.

Mode of Delivery and Internal Assessment

The program’s flexible structure allows for in-center, online, or blended delivery, catering to diverse learner needs. Our rigorous center recognition process ensures that each training center possesses the required resources, facilities, and competencies to deliver high-quality education through any delivery method. In addition, training centers must demonstrate their ability to effectively plan, deliver, assess, and ensure the quality of the program in accordance with LRN’s stringent criteria.

Entry Requirements

Candidates must be actively involved in a suitable teaching setting and hold a graduate-level qualification. However, LRN may also consider individuals with extensive teaching experience in lieu of academic credentials.

Teaching Practice

Throughout the program, candidates must maintain access to a teaching environment for evidence collection. A teaching log documenting preparation, planning, delivery, and evaluation of teaching sessions is required. The expected teaching hours range from 40 to 60, evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Candidates unable to complete at least 40 hours of teaching practice may not be considered eligible for this qualification.


The LRN Level 7 Certificate in Education accommodates diverse educational backgrounds and career goals. Successful candidates may pursue various pathways, including:

       Similar Level 7 qualifications in Education;

       Doctorate-level studies;

       Teaching, lecturing, or educational consultancy opportunities.


The assessment process combines externally set and marked assignments by LRN with an externally set portfolio, reviewed by center staff and moderated by LRN. Guidance on the internal review process is provided by LRN.

Guided Learning Hours

The LRN Level 7 Certificate in Education comprises 600 guided learning hours (GLH), which is an indicative figure.


Candidates will receive a “fail” or “pass” grade for the LRN Level 7 Certificate in Education.


Results will be issued within six weeks of receiving all required assessment documentation. LRN will confirm receipt of assessment materials, keeping both centers and candidates informed of the decision-making timeline.