ASPIRE EDUCATION: Your Gateway to Internationally Accredited Learning

ASPIRE EDUCATION is actively offering partnerships with private and public schools, institutes, and universities. We offer a wide range of international certificates and standardized exams accredited by Ofqual in the UK and recognized by numerous academic institutions and schools worldwide.

As your gateway to internationally accredited education, ASPIRE EDUCATION provides qualifications, certificates, and international standardized exams in various fields, including Business, English Language, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Communication, Composite Assessment (CAB), and teaching certificates (equivalent to CELTA and DELTA).

Our Business Management courses (e.g., Level 7 Diploma in Business Management) empower you to discover your endless possibilities in the MBA world.

Additionally, we provide the International English Language Competency Assessment (IELCA), which is equivalent to other international exams, both in Academic and General Training routes. Students planning to study abroad can take the IELCA exam and receive their results in just ten (10) days.

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ASPIRE EDUCATION in an LRN accredited center. 

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ALL the ASPIRE EDUCATION qualifications, certificates, and exams are accredited and recognized in the UK and in different parts of the world.


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Phone: +216 71 80 28 00

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