LRN Level 5 Extended Diploma in Business and Enterprise

LRN Level 5 Extended Diploma in Business and Enterprise qualification aims to give practising or potential managers formal development in this role.

Face-to-face or online



RQF level



Written assignments

Total Qualifiaction Time

1520 hours

a. Guided Learning (GL) Dedicated Assessment (DA) Guided Learning Hours (GLH) Directed Study (DS) Total Qualification Time (hrs) Formal Learning /input (contact time with tutor, acquisition of knowledge/understanding): 380 hours

b. Dedicated Assessment Assessment (planning and completion of assessment tasks): 100 hours
c. Guided Learning Hours: 480 hours
d. Dedicated Study Additional Activities (developing practice, private study/research, work-based activities): 1040 hours

Qualification Accreditation Number




These qualifications have been designed in collaboration with centers that currently offer, or plan to offer, Business and Enterprise programs at this level.


Assessment for the mandatory units involves externally set assignments, which are internally marked by the center and then moderated by LRN. For the optional modules, assessment is conducted through externally set assignments, which are externally assessed and moderated by LRN.

LRN qualifications are assessed at the unit level, with no overall grade for the Diploma. Candidates can access the qualification through a modular approach if suitable. Assessments are based on the published learning outcomes and assessment and grading criteria, which centers are expected to provide to candidates. Each unit will be graded as pass or fail.

A pass is awarded when all outcomes meet the specified assessment criteria. Candidates who receive a ‘fail’ must wait at least three months before retaking the assessment, ensuring sufficient time has passed for them to improve their knowledge.


Upon successfully completing the LRN Level 5 Diploma in Business and Enterprise or LRN Level 5 Extended Diploma in Business and Enterprise, candidates have various progression opportunities. They may advance to:

       Other qualifications at the same level, such as transitioning from a Diploma to an Extended Diploma

       Other qualifications at or above the next level, such as a Level 6 Certificate or Diploma in Business, or a Business Degree

       Employment in a middle management position


LRN does not specify a mode of delivery for the LRN Level 5 Diploma in Business and Enterprise or LRN Level 5 Extended Diploma in Business and Enterprise qualifications. Centers can employ any mode of delivery that accommodates candidates’ needs, such as full-time, part-time, evening-only, or distance learning. Regardless of the chosen mode of delivery, centers must ensure that candidates engage in a teaching program tailored to the requirements of the qualification.