LRN Level 7 Diploma in Business Management

LRN Level 7 Diploma in Business Management is designed to help you a) develop your understanding and knowledge of the business at a higher level, b) empower you with advanced knowledge and skills, paving the way for success in today's competitive business landscape, c) provide you with a robust, comprehensive learning experience that equips you with the strategic thinking, decision-making, and innovative problem-solving abilities needed to excel in management roles across various industries, and d) develop a strong foundation for pursuing an MBA or other advanced degrees in business in a university abroad such as the UK.  
RQF level



Written assignments

Qualification Accreditation Number


Total Qualification Time

total: 1300 hours
a. Guided learning hours (GLH): 900 hours
b. Self-study (SS): 280 hours
c. Formative Assessment: 40 hours
d. Summative assessment: 80 hours

Entry requirements


The LRN Level 7 Diploma in Business Management is specifically designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of high-level business concepts, making you an invaluable asset in any organization. This comprehensive program is ideal for:


       Professionals with managerial experience seeking to expand their knowledge;

       Bachelor’s degree holders aspiring to achieve a higher-level qualification;

       Individuals without a formal business qualification, eager to obtain one.


LRN Level 7 Diploma in Business Management is designed to help candidates in developing their understanding and knowledge of business at a higher level.

Candidate Category

The LRN Level 7 Diploma in Business Management opens up a world of opportunities. Upon completion, you can progress to:


• A Master’s Degree in a related subject;

• A Master’s in Business Administration (MBA);

• Vocational qualifications; • Enhanced employment opportunities in various industries.

Mode of Delivery

Our prestigious qualification is delivered through accredited centers, offering you the convenience of studying either in-person or via distance learning. These centers are equipped with top-notch resources, facilities, and experienced instructors, ensuring a seamless and enriching learning experience.


LRN Level 7 Diploma in Business Management has been designed to reflect the wide variation in candidates’ origins, levels of education and career aims. Progression opportunities may, therefore, take a variety of paths. Depending on the level of qualification achieved, it may be appropriate for the candidate to progress to:

• A Master’s Degree in a related subject

• A Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)

• Vocational qualifications

• Employment

Recognition of Prior Learning

Please refer to LRN’s policy on the Recognition of Prior Learning to determine whether previously achieved qualifications meet LRN’s policy on possible exemptions.

Language of Assessment

LRN aims to use English that is plain, clear, free from bias and appropriate to all candidates. LRN will ensure the assessment materials, stimuli and the assessment itself is carried out in English.

Qualification Overview

Our meticulously crafted curriculum consists of five mandatory units:


       Business Strategy, Planning, and Management;

       Corporate Strategy, Governance, and Ethics;

       Leadership, Change, and People Management;

       Financial Resources and Performance Management;

       Research Methodology.


To obtain this prestigious qualification, you must pass all five units. Each unit is assessed by assignments, which are externally set and marked by LRN, and the qualification carries a credit value of 120.