LRN Level 3 Certificate In Business Management

LRN Level 3 Certificate in Business Management is designed to help candidates in developing their understanding and knowledge of the business.

Face-to-face or online



RQF level



Written assignments & exam

Qualification Accreditation Number


Total Qualification Time

Total: 340 hours
a. Guided learning hours (GLH): 200 hours
b. Self-study (SS): 100 hours
c. Formative assessment: 08 hours
d. Summative assessment: 32 hours


This specification provides an overview to the LRN Level 3 Certificate in Business Management for candidates, centres, administrators, employers, teachers and examiners. The specification outlines the key features and administrative procedures required for this qualification.

Candidate Category


The LRN Level 3 Certificate in Business Management is designed to help candidates in developing their understanding and knowledge of business.

Entry Requirements

To enroll, candidates should possess:

• One or two GCE (A to C grade) qualifications (or equivalent);

• An Advanced GNVQ with a specific grade or equivalent;


In addition, candidates should demonstrate English language proficiency equivalent to CEFR Level B1 in speaking, listening, reading, and writing to meet the communication requirements for this qualification. A keen interest in pursuing a career in business is also essential.

Mode of Delivery

This qualification has been constructed to be delivered via centres offering online tuition. Centres will need to demonstrate to LRN, through the centre recognition processes, that they have the resources, facilities and competence to deliver through this method. However, centres must be able to demonstrate, in line with LRN’s criteria, that they have the means, capability, capacity and resources (including suitably qualified centre staff) to deliver.

Recognition of Prior Learning

For information regarding the recognition of prior learning and potential exemptions, please refer to LRN’s policy on the subject.

Language of Assessment

LRN is committed to using clear, unbiased, and universally accessible English for all assessment materials, stimuli, and assessments.

Qualification Overview

The LRN Level 3 Certificate in Business Management comprises four units, with a total credit value of 20. Assessment involves an online multiple-choice examination and a written assignment, both externally set and marked by LRN.


Candidates will complete a written assignment, which will be marked based on the learning outcomes and assessment criteria outlined in the assignment. To ensure quality assurance, marked assignments will undergo moderation. For the online multiple-choice exam, candidates will have 45 minutes to answer 50 questions. A minimum of 30 correct answers is required to pass.


Candidates will receive either a pass or fail grade.


LRN will issue results within 4 to 6 weeks.