LRN International AS and A Level Law (0721)

The LRN International AS & A Level Law is designed to enable international candidates to demonstrate their ability, in theoretical terms across a range of legal concepts, principles and processes.

LRN International AS/A Level are GLOBALLY RECOGNISED qualifications designed specifically for INTERNATIONAL CANDIDATES and are available outside the United Kingdom. Candidates based in England refer to the Ofqual register.



International A Level: A*, A, B, C, D or E
International AS Level: A, B, C, D or E


Written Exams

Learning Guided Hours

180 to 360 hours

What you'll learn


This specification offers an overview of the LRN International AS & A Level Law program, catering to various users such as candidates, centers, administrators, employers, parents/guardians, teachers (and other education-based staff), and examiners. The specification outlines the essential features and administrative procedures required for this international qualification.


The LRN International AS & A Level Law program aims to enable international candidates to showcase their theoretical knowledge across various legal concepts, principles, and processes. The comprehensive range of subject matter encompasses the foundations of English law, the English legal system, law in action (contract), and law in action (tort).

Mode of Delivery

This qualification is structured to be delivered within centers. Centers must demonstrate to LRN, through the center recognition processes, that they possess the resources, facilities, and competence to deliver the program. Moreover, centers must establish, in line with LRN’s criteria, that they have the means, capability, capacity, and resources (including suitably qualified center staff) for delivery.


The LRN International AS & A Level Law program considers the wide variation in candidates’ backgrounds, education levels, and career aspirations. As a result, progression opportunities may follow various paths. Depending on the level of qualification achieved, candidates may progress to:

       A similar Level 3 qualification in Law;

       LRN Level 3 Diploma in Pre-U Foundation Studies;

       A higher-level qualification – e.g., HNC/HND or Degree;

       Vocationally Related Qualifications.

Breakdown of Assessment Objectives

       AO1: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

1.     legal principles and rules,

2.    the structure and interrelationships of a legal system, and

3.    the utilization and citation of legal sources.

       AO2: Apply knowledge and understanding to

1.    analyze and evaluate legal materials,

2.    identify critical and relevant issues in a given set of facts, and

3.    apply appropriate legal principles and rules to predict outcomes of legal disputes.

       AO3: Use legal terminology, rhetoric, and dialogue to

1.    present logical and coherent advice,

2.    make judgments and draw conclusions, and

3.    communicate in a clear and concise manner.


The assessment for this qualification consists of written exam papers, set and marked by LRN.


The LRN International A Level will be graded on a six-point scale: A*, A, B, C, D, and E, while the LRN International AS Level will be graded on a five-point scale: A, B, C, D, and E. Candidates who fail to reach the minimum standard for grade E will be recorded as U (unclassified) and will not receive a qualification certificate.


Candidates can retake each paper as often as they wish, within the shelf-life of the specification.