LRN’s International English Language Competency Assessment (IELCA) is now recognised in Ukraine.

A teacher looking at camera in classroom, concept of enrolling Ukrainian kids to schools.

LRN is pleased to announce that its IELCA qualification is recognised by:

Ukrainian Medical Council,
Ukrainian Council of Nursing and Midwifery and
Ukrainian Professional Council of Public Health Services.
IELCA assesses four aspects of English language that include reading, listening, speaking, and writing and offers two routes: Academic and General Training. The Academic module assesses candidate ability to access undergraduate or postgraduate courses in educational institutions, colleges, and/or universities of English-speaking countries. The General Training assesses English language skills in a wide range of frameworks and is also appropriate for people who need English for use in secondary education for immigration purposes, work experience and other training purposes. Both routes assess four components of the language ability, i.e. reading, listening, speaking and writing.

LRN’s CEO, said:
“We delighted that the Ukraine Medical Council has recognised IELCA as a high stake exam. The Ukraine Medical Council is also working with LRN to deliver a range of qualifications in Ukraine.”