LRN develops three-dimensional (3D) game app for young learners


Learning Resource Network (LRN) has created a new three-dimensional (3D) application, which allows young learners to boost their confidence and improve their English skills.

The LRN Young Learners’ English (YLE) game will allow the learners to prepare for the LRN YLE tests. The application is interactive, enjoyable but most importantly, instructive in assisting the formative development of cognitive skills.  The game will enable learners to test their skills in reading and listening.

The game has eight levels; which increases in difficulty to provide a challenging yet rewarding playing (while learning) experience. The game allows learners to collect digital medals as they progress throughout the levels.  The application is available on Android and iOS.

In releasing the application, LRN’s CEO said: ”The panda game app will allow young learners to enhance their skills whilst playing in an enjoyable yet creative way. I hope this will give young learners the confidence to learn English anywhere, anytime, whilst progressing at their own pace”

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YLE Available on Android:

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