Academic IELCA

Writing (60 minutes)

Task 1: Report Writing (150-180 words)

Task 2: Essay Writing (180-220 words)

Speaking (11 minutes)


Respond to questions about personal life, express opinions on a given topic, and answer questions related to the provided topic.


Reading (80 minutes) Texts are sourced from a variety of authentic materials such as: journals, newspapers, web articles, magazines, academic book excerpts, and scientific articles. Test formats include multiple choice, identifying the topic/function of the text, determining if information is true/false/not given, identifying the writer’s views/claims (yes/no/not given), matching information, matching headings, short-answer questions, error correction, cloze, gap filling, sentence completion, and open questions.


Listening (30 minutes) Audio materials are taken from authentic sources such as: public announcements, recorded messages, weather forecasts, traffic information, tourist information, promotional texts, monologues, conversations between two or


Writing (60 minutes)Task 1: Letter/email writing (150-180 words)
Task 2: Essay writing (180-220 words)

Speaking (11 minutes) Answering Questions related to personal life, expressing opinions on a given topic and answering questions related to given topic.


Reading (80 minutes) Texts are taken from a range of authentic sources sunch as: journals, newspapers, web articles, magazines.

Multiple choice; identifying the topic / function of the text; identifying information (True/False/Not Given); identifying the writer’s views/claims (Yes/No/Not Given); matching information; matching headings; short-answer questions; error correction; matching; cloze; gap filling; sentence completion and open questions.


Listening(30 minutes) Texts are taken from a range of authentic sources such as: public announcements; recorded messages; weather forecasts; traffic information; tourist information; publicity texts; monologoues; conversations between 2 or more people; rouine commands and instructions; radio reports / interviews.

Multiple choice, completing notes/summary/diagram/flow chart/table, error correction, identifying the writer’s views/claims, summarising, sentence, completion, matching and ordering.